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I'm an indie game developer with a serious '80s and anime addiction.
Well I'm back on Minds for the third time. This time as a voluntarist and with a whole lot less shrift for collectivism. Only voluntary human interactions have any real moral validity.
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PREACHER, THINKER, BREAK DANCING NINJA TERMINATOR Known as an expert in all I survey, I freely share my opinions on politics, science & theology using diatribes based upon careless research from tertiary sources that reinforced what I thought in the first place. I do not fear the extermination of the human race by sentient robots from the future, as I know it will be preceded by the zombie apocalypse instead. My only desire is that you find me pleasing.
Peace, Love and Anarchy. Nationalism Kills by the millions. Spontaneous Order. Mind your own business. Agorist. Homeschooler/Unschooler
I am a musician, occultist, and general Renaissance man. R.I.P, my son, Henry Alexander. Other hobbies include hiking, weight lifting, gaming, philosophy, science, and cooking.
FEMA Region VI
Jan 2018
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