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I am a brother to humanity and all humans are my siblings. Muslim. German-Pakistani born and raised in Chicago since 1991. Conservative-Libertarian. Minarcho-Capitalist. Graduated Theodore Roosevelt H.S. '09. I do a lot of thinking. Magastani.
I am a Liberty Lover who strives to learn truth and justice in this crazy world of lies and propaganda. I accept all people who have the same common goal of goodwill toward others. We are all in this together. I am a humanitarian and an advocate and activist for human rights which has led me down a deep rabbit hole. I speak out about injustice and the controlling Elite known as the shadow government. Uncovering their agenda is what I work at. I did a blog talk radio show called Spread The Word where my team and I brought together truth, exposing injustices and finding solutions.
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.
Recalcitrant, woodchipper enthusiast, Voluntaryist, hating the State every second of every day
A channel dedicated to promoting property rights, peaceful parenting, and the non-aggression principle through culture and entertainment. Check out my book, The Definitive Guide to Libertarian Voluntaryism at: https://amzn.to/3CSOv68 (affiliate) and my comic series, Voluntaryist at https://volcomic.com
Bullshit Autism Ignorance Trash (BAIT)
There seems to be an exponentially growing number of individuals who're seeing statism for what it is. I am among this number. I am the Recovering Statist. TRS Links: YouTube - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCbWtl3maZC1JJITbzYOSusA Facebook - www.facebook.com/therecoveringstatist Twitter- www.twitter.com/Tstatist Instagram- www.instagram.com/therecoveringstatist MeWe- www.mewe.com/I/the_recoveringstatist Minds - www.minds.com/therecoveringstatist Flote - https://flote.app/recoveringstatist
Mar 2021
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