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Co-host of the Friends Against Government podcast with Birdo. Agorist, engineer, surfer, sailor, snowboarder, ham radio and DIY enthusiast. Medium: voluntarymess
Co-host of the #1 inhalent-fueled libertarian shitcast in America, the Friends Against Government podcast.
Voluntaryist, capitalist, painter, singer, loves motorcycles, food, gardening and sunshine.
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Software developer, business information specialist, and part-time heavy metal guitarist. In my free time I'm writing music, playing video games and trolling the Internet. I advocate for a voluntary, open, and well-informed society. I believe that through many years of cultural change, technological advancement, and strategic reform, we can peacefully achieve a stateless civilization. Until then, we must strive to preserve the cultures and demographics of those inclined towards supporting smaller government. In this modern age, these groups and philosophies are under attack, and mindless resistance towards them is normalized and encouraged by the state-run media and entertainment industries. The fact that these targets are, on average, in favor of decentralization is no coincidence. Reposts do not imply endorsement.
Nothing is true, everything is permitted. I got suspended on Twitter for using a Berserk quote.
FEMA Region VI
Jan 2018
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