A longtime researcher of shamanism and spirituality, Sol Luckman is an iconoclastic psychonaut devoted to exploring and exposing the truth about human history and potential—wherever that might lead. His new novel, CALI THE DESTROYER, is a page-turner of a sci-fi tale set in an Orwellian future seeded in the dystopian presents that radically rewrites Gnosticism as well as the origins of the earth and humanity. His previous novel, the multi-award-winning SNOOZE: A STORY OF AWAKENING, was a deep dive into Hindu mysticism, lucid dreaming, parallel universes, and cryptozoology. In his two international bestselling nonfiction books on the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS Magazine) of his own unique form of sound healing, the Regenetics Method, Luckman examined the critical role played by DNA and consciousness in healing, transformation, and evolution. On the lighter side, Luckman is also an acclaimed humorist. Of his multi-award-winning satirical lexicon, THE ANGEL’S DICTIONARY, Reader Views remarked that he “picked up where writers like Mark Twain and Ambrose Bierce had left off.” More recently, the forthcoming MUSING FROM A SMALL ISLAND combines fascinating memoir, hilarious comedy and inspirational philosophy in a stunningly self-illustrated coffee table book any Lowcountry lover or contemporary art aficionado would be proud to display. To learn more about Sol Luckman’s writing and artwork and to subscribe to his newsletter, visit

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We Are Anonymous. We Are Legion. We Do Not Forgive. We Do Not Forget. They Cannot Stop Us. They Cannot Stop The Future.

I am a digital artist who is also a closet centrist. Although my stance is only likely to effect my passion projects, I still feel like PC culture forbids even that much. I firmly believe there is a difference between genuine prejudice and making a dynamic character and PC culture deems them to be the same, reducing opportunities into regressive and offensive purse puppy characters. PC culture is stifling freedom of speech and freedom of expression this way and I'm not going to let that happen to me. Then again, maybe my anxieties of being called a monster for being a pansexual making an asexual character isn't that big of a deal—people like my furries and animal art best after all :D. #art #artist #digitalart #digitalpainting

I am 46 years old single parent of a 12 year boy.Joined minds to voice my opinions and to see other people opinions as well.I broke my back (burst my T 12). I have lots of time on my hands. So am getting in to social media and love go over politics and news.Hope u enjoy stuff I share.If u do like my work feel free to send a $1or 2 to my PayPal [email protected] will be greatly appreciate.Trying to leave New York .Keep free Speech Alive! Thank you.

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just a Qrious truth seeker guy, a patriot who love to share, to march together through the path of freedom. The more the better - WWG1WGA

News, art, photography, politics, literature, science fiction, Cosmos, Universe, freespeech, law-abiding (law-abiding doesn't mean biden adept) and calm. I live in Laval, Québec, Canada. Nice to meet you.

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