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I am an Atheist who hates religion, junk science, ANTIFA who are left wing fascists, antifascists who are fascists, anarchists, all religions, Islam, Allah, Jesus, Zeus and all the rest. I hate magic, superstition, the Bible, The Koran, The Talmud, The Torah. I hate Nazis, racists, identity politics, social justice warriors, feminists, white or black supremacists, communists, regressive left beta, black block cowards, ISIS, people who ignore the fact that the Islamic world enslaves and kills women, is filled with pedophilia, murders gays, is a true rape culture, kills Islamic apostates, people of other religions or atheists, I HATE ALLAH, MOSES, JESUS, Peter, Paul, John the Baptist, yaway, Jehovah,etc

im just an upstart with too much time

Critical Thinking, Non-Partisan Atheist Neuroscience Enthusiast Music Connoisseur RPG Lover and Seinen Ani-Manga Buff

Aug 2017
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