Artist ( comic book, character design and storyboard ) looking for work. My portfolio: To contribute to me artistic projects:

Comic Books, excerpts, discussion, etc.

Hi everyone, do you know what about Fine Art Photography ? It's very simple, using lighting for creating you special Style :) For more infor, let's contact me and join with me <3 Face : Insta : maxnguyenarts H2O StudiO +841205825472

Illustrator | Comic-maker | Sequential Artist | Currently taking commissions I am freelance illustrator and comic-maker who specializes in traditional pen-and-ink media and fancies dark fantasy narratives in dystopian settings. My work focuses on character-driven stories beset by civil strife and existential dread - all visualized through a heavy-texture style reminiscent of woodcut prints. Themes such as the macabre, religion, and the afterlife are also featured in my work. Despite the harsh and horror-like tone and visuals of my characters and stories, there is a great value towards family and loved ones expressed as beacons of hope before the terrible dreads put before them. You can find my web comic series below. FaustFall (Currently on temporary hiatus): Cardinal Junction (Updates every Sunday): You can also follow me at: Donation/Commission:

Hi there. I hope you are having a good day! My number one goal on this page, is to leave a smile on every visitors face! I hope you find some form of joy while here! Thank you for taking your time to check my page out. Love, KaiTheCreator. =^w^=

I’ll make up my own mind thank you very much

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Co-Creator of the Web Comic Phoenix Rising! Haven’t read it? Go check it out on Webtoons!

Apr 2018
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