Hi there. I hope you are having a good day! My number one goal on this page, is to leave a smile on every visitors face! I hope you find some form of joy while here! Thank you for taking your time to check my page out. Love, KaiTheCreator. =^w^=
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Biography: Age: 30 - 37 Male To reach me privately for advice on anything you think i might be of help with based on my bio below,contact me at - [email protected] Encrypted email from my end, though you can use any email to reach me, and if you want i can encrypt our back and forth providing you with a unique key for just our emails,or how to create your own encrypted email account which is ironically easuer than making a gmail or similiar email account. My prior work and some that i still do,or consult on: Ex- Private Security; Close Protection/VIP Site Security/Venue Security Advance Planning - Routes,People,Places Advance Site Security Evaluation Political Event/Speaker High Threat Security Sales of protective gear and covert ballistic,anti slash and anti stab gear,clothing,vests,shirts,pants,jackets,gloves etc. Current: Civilian,Self-employed. Looking to master Cyber Security,among many other things. If you have come this far,let me offer you some advice from the most famous Prosecutor,attorney and supreme court justice of the united states whom also presided over the Nuremburg trials. "In no uncertain terms should you ever,for any reason ,ever speak to the police. Especially if you are innocent. Any lawyer worth his salt will instruct his client to never, ever, for any reason and under no exception, to ever speak to the police". Stay safe and keep educating yourselves, knowledge is not just power, but safety.

Being a busy bee cause the devil plays with idle hands. I made this Minds account to serve as my digital portfolio for sketches, illustrations, unfinished beeswax, special herbs and other hors d'oeuvre. accepting donations cashapp @Ryatz ETH: 0x1b7B9eb79686EA9087D9619845fcaC666de3c3E2 Find me here, there and everywhere twitter: @KingBOB_OHM Rarible: https://rarible.com/kingbobohm Instagram: @KingBOB_OHM Thanks for stopping by

Cash App: $CollectibleCardChick Chick who enjoys Collectible Cards! I like to open vintage and current Pokémon, Yugioh & much more!

Home is where your heart is. Literally, if you are within your heart then you are always home, wherever you may be. Hello and welcome. Settling in nice and comfy I hope. Elderberry-Fox lives @PointyStik. You know, the PointyStik which points to the village of Elderberry. Welcome to my home here on Minds. Life is made up of endless moments so I capture a few to share them with you. I trade my photos for smiles and here I'll be sharing my photography with you and of course some other things that I find noteworthy. My motto is: "If I can put a smile on your face then my work is done" As to my own photos, they are the world seen through my eyes, straight out of the camera, un-cropped and un-enhanced. You get to see what I see. Please join me on my journey through the real world and the world of internet finds. Feel free to add me and comment Best wishes Mr Elderberry-Fox a young minder since 2016 #photography #internetfinds

I have a job now! Still no idea what I’m do’n.

King Deplorable Aaron 🐸
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My name is Aaron Genus. I am an 22 year old nationalist, traditionalist, activist. I am an upcoming politician, public speaker, and current media analyst. On this account I will be sharing a variety of content ranging from news reports, migrant crisis updates, memes, animal posts, history, quotes, gifs, and art. Please follow me for more content and check out the links below  DONATE - https://www.paypal.me/AaronGenus2 Monthly sponsor - The Lions Den - https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/968907864272240640/feed Facebook -Aaron Genus Instagram: GopAaron14 Wall Of Patrons @MOL3CH @scottychams @scottcbusiness @Echo19 @entryreqrd @funditionofficial @thechocolatemuff1 @ConanCastle @mindsfordummies @thoughtcriminal303 @manport @Marketoff @SteveJacksonVIC @RevengeOfThePatriot @hasher411 @John @FloriaMagnifico @TheBilldo @Censorshipsucks @TheDebonairFox @WrapHops @Warum58 @Presidenchill @Schnepf13 @JJwrites @jeannemara @Metroid @realericosborne @Cre8tivesue @Secftblgirl @Chemtrailsmn @Ladyhug Honorable mentions: @Mindsgaming @FretzCapo @RiverRose @VonYugen #Comedy #Memes #Fantasy #Quotes #Minds

Deutsch Englisch Kanal German English channel Holocaust Revisionism (Videos) and some other stuff. Holocaust Revisionismus (Videos) und sonst noch was.

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Bill Ottman has given us one of the greatest gifts ever. Like a junkie I keep checking those dying media places. Help me get my fix. Call me an asshole, tell me I'm stupid. Down vote me if you want, up vote me if you want, remind me when you think I'm brilliant. Anything that keeps me involved, when I'm not writing, is appreciated. I write stories for grown ups, or mostly grown ups, or just the mentally disturbed. I talk about politics and social issue; loudly, angrily, and logically. I don't often concern myself with how my views will be taken. On the other side of that, I listen to everyone so long as they are engaging in a conversation, no matter how heated, and not simply shouting down everyone who disagrees with them, convinced they are right. Only morons refuse to listen because they think they have nothing to learn. I accept that I don't know everything and wish more people would do the same. When I'm making money for someone else I manage people with a focus on team morale and customer satisfaction. I love small companies where people can speak openly and ideals guide policy. So I despise most corporations and avoid giving them my money whenever possible. Combining all of that, I hate the idea that a writer, or any artist should not talk about their politics or faith. Someone should have mentioned that to Orwell, Bradbury, Huxley, Poe, Shakespeare, etc. I learned at the knees of the great ones how to tell tales that warn society that they are on a path to darkness and should go no further. yet, like those before me, I don't expect anyone to listen. Not always safe for work. I swear a lot and have a very dark sense of humor. Free speech advocate. Did I cover that with author? I used to say not politically correct until jerks who thrive on hate decided to steal that term and make it mean, I'm a some sort of -ist asshole and so is anyone else who says this. I hate censorship in all forms. I rarely play well with others. Unless you're an artist, I love other artists of all kinds. I can disagree with a person on a personal level and still encourage their creative side. We have enough people asking us what we really want to be when we grow up, no need do it to each other. Though, I get tired of people recycling advice from Twain, King, and Gaiman as if it was both dogma and their own. My advice for artists is, ignore all advice given to you, or take it with a grain of salt. People are telling you how they did or do it, you have to do it your way and stay true to the muse. The world is changing. Just because I disagree with someone you hate does not mean I agree with you. I tend to hold opinions that upset all sides of the conversation. I am a Constitutional Conservative, look it up. I also have this strange dedication to saving the planet for other peoples' children. Which tends to mean I support progressives, even when I don't agree with them, and think both American political parties are the same party and full of idiots. I have been known to bite, not always in a good way. Quick witted, quicker to offer advice, slow to follow yours, even slower to follow my own. Cool people buy my books! http://hyperurl.co/hcq5cq Cheap bastards read free shit. - Rarely updated since I discovered Minds! http://patrickelliottwrites.blogspot.com/

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