Once, Present and Future Director of Arketer Labs, Arketer is the foremost authority in hypothetically sounding smart. Soon all will understand the full extent of his boredom. Often admittedly rather tongue-in-cheek. Arketer Grudgingly Twits Now : Questionable videos can be increasingly found here:

I started On youTube in early April 2017, and created profiles to let people see my work. Started learning how to use Blender end of April and am trying to bring some short 3d clips as I learn how to make them along with some mixed content when I feel I have something to say. Please enjoy

Hello. I'm new on this platform. You may know me as the host of MillillioN. I ain't a sub4sub kinda guy. Sub if you wanna see what I got in store for you or just trot on into the sunset. People tell me that I'm honest, charming and ugly... WHaT ARe YoU STaRiNG aT!!!

Discussing politics, philosophy, current events, in a (hopefully) nonbiased, nonideological way. If you enjoy my work, make sure to subscribe to me on Youtube and follow me on Twitter (links directly below)

For those who wish to know about me shall have to ask.

J.D. B.A. Writer and independent intellectual with a focus on applied philosophy, empirical history, and practical economics. Editor-in-Chief of the National Economic Editorial, contributor to American Greatness.

The only thing I know is nothing.

There is hope for humanity. Just a cis-alum-gear fuckin it up

Student of life, down to earth and still hopeful in humanity;

I'm just trying to add a dash of sanity to the world. No step on snek DqW.four.W.nien.wGxCq let me know if you figure that out ;3 #krinapproved NYTD:

Dec 2016
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