A liberty loving Brit. Conservative/Libertarian or Libertarian/Conservative (either one fits). Zionist. Urbanist. Concerned about privacy, surveillance by the state and corporations and the future of individual liberty. Oh, and I’m a gamer, rail fan and EV fan too, and I support Nuclear power. Decimal comma and long scale user

YouTube Social Commentator. AntiFeminist. AntiSJW. Egalitarian. Autodidact. Wife. Mama

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Capitalism doesn't need socialism to function.

Liberalists - UK
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Individual Rights * Democracy * Economic Freedom * Freedom of speech * Self-reliance * Blind Justice * Secularism We are British activists advocating for liberal values in our country. Centrists ranging from centre-left (social liberal) to centre-right (classical liberal). If you are British national who believes in our principles and opposes identitarian mindset, join our group:

I'm just a snek who responds to videos and such. Usually on Regressive Left subjects such as modern feminism and general political correctness...stuff. Things on the right aren't ineligible for criticism either, so...ya. I am a Christian, but I try not to interject religion into the videos unless it is relevant to the subject (i.e. If I'm responding to a video about it). I have a YouTube channel called "Hi I am Snek." I'll be sharing uploads of response-type videos up on here, but I also do Pokemon content which will remain just on YouTube.

Audio/Video Producer. Musician. I make things and have fun doing it. Sarcastic and make terrible jokes.

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Video commentary... politics, left-hating centrist, very much opposed to feminism, gay, sounds like a 14 year old drag queen (but is in my mid-30s).

Not a very friendly person, but I say what needs to be said.

I'm a pro-liberty individualist, husband, father, free speech advocate, social commentator/YouTuber, & musician. Be excellent to each other!

Sep 2016
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