I'm a cosmopolitan world traveler from the USA    I am ANTI wingnut: crypto-Nazi subculture, Southern-fried sedition, tea-bagger populism, church+ state, extreme social Darwinist libertarianism, Trump, Boomer paranoia, Obama schizophrenia, & denial of global climate change      I am ANTI moonbat: neo-Stasi subculture, bigoteers, leftist enragés, cultural Maoism, intersectional identity police (idenpo), PC pod people, campus-crazies, Trump derangement syndrome, & denial of global jihadist insurgency          I am PRO: radical amalgamated centrism+radical reform solutions. Science, reason, & essentialist education. "ctrl left + alt right delete"

Executive Producer of The Rubin Report

Discussing politics, philosophy, current events, in a (hopefully) nonbiased, nonideological way. If you enjoy my work, make sure to subscribe to me on Youtube and follow me on Twitter (links directly below)

Hello, my friends, welcome to my channel! On my page you will find topics related to craftsmanship, music, games, politics, and anything medieval. Free speech and civility are important to me. We should speak truth, and be equally willing to listen when others speak wise words. I am currently living in Daegu, South Korea and enjoying the beautiful country, temples, and castles. Feel free to chat and I will do my best to reply. If you can, subscribe so we can make this corner of the web a larger, better place. Thank you, all. Safe travels! I am currently living in South Korea. My @TAK_In_South_Korea page is basically defunct. You can follow my travels here :)

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A scientist (clinician) by trade and philosopher by passion. Staunch supporter of the peripatetic school and lover of nature.

Healthy skeptic and science fan. Avid defender of secularism and freedom of speech. Think for yourself.

A luminescent, transcendental visionary and empathic, synchronistic spiritualist || Conscious Communicator || Filmmaker || Artist || Explorer

NASA on Minds fan page.

Oct 2016
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