Please Subscribe! “Truth, she thought. As terrible as death. But harder to find. I’m lucky.” -Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle Researcher and writer with interests in political science, astrophysics, the unknown and the divine. Hoping to shake things up with a series of public blogs/essays on a few topics that will be pivotal in human evolution. Joined May 25th, 2019.

Ontario Bound. #Torunno 🎨 Freelance Artist 🌱Environmental Enthusiast 🐾 I love ALL animals, appreciate craftmanship and people who create their own artwork. I love exchanging and talking about ideas, artworks, astrology, nutrition, nature, culture, Chakras, and sometimes Spirituality Listen to what people have to say, without caring what they think about you. #FairyRap 🌜 Family 🌹 Painting 💎 Crystals 🐺 Animals 🍎 Nutrition & Fitness 🔬 Astrology 🐻AnimalRights 👙Body Positive 😁GoodVibesOnly 🐝SaveTheBees 🌲SaveTheTrees Check out this page: @DayTripper

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Welcome to The Ape Talks This podcast is about an ape called Mr. Ape who sits with himself for an hour a day to talk to himself about his feelings on things and he also does recall funny childhood memories. The ape gives himself a lot of helpful advice that any other ape can apply to their lives. Mr. Ape also doesn't take himself too seriously and has a general relaxed tone and atmosphere. Mr. Ape hopes to one day start obtaining guests to practice his art of talking and listening with but for now he will just have to keep practicing with himself. Mr. Ape Signing off https://www.TheApeTalks.com

Exposing the breaking and top stories around the world. #news #breakingnews #freespeech #newmedia Not everything can be covered here - feel free to send requests via messenger.

[ MORE INFORMATION ] * Corroborating documentation to download available at http://not.surgery/documentation/ – including medical, legal, communications, travel, etc. * Chronology of events available at http://not.surgery/chronology/ – from year 2013 to the present day * Video * https://vimeo.com/349989492 ("State terrorism in the 21st century") * https://vimeo.com/350482627 ("Recent call with the European Ombudsman") * https://vimeo.com/351791816 ("Gamifying crime") * (more to come!) * Audio * https://soundcloud.com/beatpoetic/state-terrorism-in-the-21st-century ("State terrorism in the 21st century") * https://soundcloud.com/beatpoetic/do-eu-institutions-cover-up-jus-cogens-crimes-medical-experimentation-performed-without-consent ("Recent call with the European Ombudsman") * https://soundcloud.com/beatpoetic/gamifying-crime ("Gamifying crime") * (more to come!) * Infographics: * Infographic depicting permanent bodily injuries: http://not.surgery/pliki/Inne/not-surgery_infographic-with-photos.png * Infographic regarding recent ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) issue: http://not.surgery/pliki/Inne/not-surgery_package-to-ECHR.EN.jpg * (more to come!) [ HOW TO HELP ] * Order IT services and/or products I offer directly via my OpenBazaar store: https://openbazaar.into.software/ (Peer ID: QmWJrydWcsYx9gHnAwCDWC8PPTHpHCzeowdasdr7mHX9Nn) – for more information about my IT services & products, visit https://ideas.into.software/ * Support my Indiegogo fundraising campaign to write and publish book about this dark period – “State terrorism in the 21st century: How mass surveillance, sold as means to fight terrorism, is being used to terrorize populations and implement “invisible” totalitarianism”: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/state-terrorism-in-the-21st-century/ * Support me via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/not_surgery * More ways to help: http://not.surgery/help/ (including cryptocurrencies' addresses) * Share information published here and at http://not.surgery/index.en.html

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