Digital artist, who also dabbles a bit in acrylic painting. Avid reader of Japanese manga. Commission Inqueries: zanazac(at)

Aspiring horror creator. Affiliated with @MythoverseComics. I wish you all peace and happiness.

I write, talk about writing, and post stupid quotes and sayings I've thought up since high school.

Co creator of the up and coming Ergo Noire universe and Visual Novel. (whenever I feel like it. Musician. Stay tuned.

David Baunach
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| human being | catholic priest | artist | philosopher | Saint Maker:

I post random stuff that crosses my minds, ROLL CREDITS, comics that I make, original drawings, opportune thoughts, and anything that I feel like as a multifaceted, perfectly functional and evenly deranged human being. For even spicier drawings check the group

I am just another man trying to raise two kids in rural America. I am a veteran and earn my keep as a professional technical writer by day and a spinner of tales of fiction in my spare time. Occasionally, I have a thought or two about the goings on in the world and will post them here for reflection.

Living in the high lonesome southwest || Daily manga || Nerdy things, drawing, writing, politics, critique, complaints about the state where I live || One space after periods is still wrong.

Jeremy Lott's Diary
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Elected President of Minds. Comics, kids books, and Dad jokes, mostly. Get Movie Men here:

Monster girl milk connoisseur
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The official supervillain of Minds! Currently learning Korean so I can partner with North Korea and genetically engineer wolfgirls. ESL, pls pretend things I say make sense if they don’t lol Pureblood, factory worker, AI developer, game developer, character designer, worlds slowest artist, nature lover, meme poster, anarcho-neofasctranslycanthromorphic, titty enjoyer, and much much more. I am the all tricks pony. I especially like grid based first person dungeon crawlers and wolf girls. Consider checking out my main site,, you can learn more about my characters and upcoming virtual cosplay ventures aswell as find ways besides minds memberships to support me with! more bio stuff idk pretend it’s really long still and crashes the mobile app or something lol

+🦐—— DIGITAL ARTIST ——🦐+ My works focus mainly in the realm of science fiction; special interest being the cyberpunk genre, robot designs, and character concepts.

Nov 2016
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