Digital artist, who also dabbles a bit in acrylic painting. Avid reader of Japanese manga. Commission Inqueries: zanazac(at)

Artist, Designer and D&D Geek

Retro Tutorial creator and Game developer, focusing on Z80, 6502 and 68000 systems! Covering over 25 platforms including CPC,MSX, Speccy, Enterprise, SamCoupe, Amiga,Genesis, Nes and many more! Check out my website at: My Youtube channel with RetroDev Tutorials: New Game In Development:

Mostly art and homemaking Keeping it cozy

I make videos about politics, social psychology and memery. MAGA

🐦Also on Twitter. (Doesn't engage in politics)🐦 🙇‍♂️あきらめないで/Never give up!🙇‍♂ 🇨🇦 カナダ人です/I'm Canadian🇨🇦 ⚡️テクノロジーが好きです/I like tech⚡ 😃よろしくお願いします/Nice to meet you😃 🍜料理が好きです/I like cooking🍜 🇯🇵日本語学生です/I study Japanese🇯🇵

Traditional artist and illustrator Feel free to SHARE and FOLLOW Support my work: (other places where I post) [email protected]

Philosophy and social commentary from the mind of a clever eunuch

BitBeamCannon is a small independent game studio dedicated to making retro arcade and console style games highly inspired by the 8 and 16 bit era of games.

I am a digital artist who is also a closet centrist. Although my stance is only likely to effect my passion projects, I still feel like PC culture forbids even that much. I firmly believe there is a difference between genuine prejudice and making a dynamic character and PC culture deems them to be the same, reducing opportunities into regressive and offensive purse puppy characters. PC culture is stifling freedom of speech and freedom of expression this way and I'm not going to let that happen to me. Then again, maybe my anxieties of being called a monster for being a pansexual making an asexual character isn't that big of a deal—people like my furries and animal art best after all :D. #art #artist #digitalart #digitalpainting

Hi there! I'm Timothy Stanford, acrylic landscape and wildlife painter. My work is a constant journey of discovery as I strive to achieve a reasonable balance between personal style and realism. Each painting is a new challenge and an opportunity for growth. My main focus is the study of light as it plays across glorious landscapes, majestic wildlife, and sometimes...mythical worlds. I hope you'll come along on this journey with me...⁣⁣     SUBSCRIBE:⁣     Win a FREE art print:⁣     WEBSITE: ⁣⁣  

Nov 2016
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