Digital artist, who also dabbles a bit in acrylic painting. Avid reader of Japanese manga. Commission Inqueries: zanazac(at)

Retro Tutorial creator and Game developer, focusing on Z80, 6502 and 68000 systems! Covering over 25 platforms including CPC,MSX, Speccy, Enterprise, SamCoupe, Amiga,Genesis, Nes and many more! Check out my website at: My Youtube channel with RetroDev Tutorials: New Game In Development:

Mostly art and homemaking Keeping it cozy

Traditional artist and illustrator Feel free to SHARE and FOLLOW Support my work: (other places where I post) [email protected]

🐦Also on Twitter. (Doesn't engage in politics)🐦 🙇‍♂️あきらめないで/Never give up!🙇‍♂ 🇨🇦 カナダ人です/I'm Canadian🇨🇦 ⚡️テクノロジーが好きです/I like tech⚡ 😃よろしくお願いします/Nice to meet you😃 🍜料理が好きです/I like cooking🍜 🇯🇵日本語学生です/I study Japanese🇯🇵

Illustrator working in watercolor and pen and ink. I'm also a compulsive plant hoarder and seed shopper, and I read boatloads of books.

2D / Pixel artist and illustrator | Aspiring gamedev | If you like my work consider supporting it on Ko-fi

I make videos about politics and social psychology.

Pixel artist, designer, educator. Empowering others with creativity while chasing my own artistic ambitions.

Introvert INFJ *probably because of some gypsy curse Dislikes drama. Works on Industrial Robots, and pretty much anything else. Jack of all trades, master of a few. Likes: Happy songs played in minor, the Arts, Language Learning, Travel Believes in less talk, more action. 95% of the entertainment I enjoy comes from Asia.

Nov 2016
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