fuck around and get blasted 馃敒

Radical space-colonization enthusiast, biorealist, pro-nuke environmentalist, technobarbarian. Intrepidly active thinker. Occasional shitposter. I like rockets and aerospace, armaments, science, and many other nerdy passions. Fan of Touhou, KanColle, and many small indie works.

Banned from twitter, here to make frens i guess. no boomers allowed Discord: Cammy#4599 Instagram: animefriendo Poast: Cammy

I just wanted to be racist and post anime girls

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not a gimmick acc i demand a gf if you want a source i am going to send you my nuttsack

guh - - HydrasLogic from Twitter

Its me, the same VGsenpai from Twitter! How goes you?

I'm the Dope Nope Pope Chirno here spread Le 鈶 and expand The Cirnobly Empire! Also have fun here and joy all of your company. Hands over all bases and blins.

Head Honker of Goose Gang || Based and Birdpilled|| Geese on my minds

| -10,000 IQ | Human BSoD Resident Gun Weeb | IRL Meido | loves antique and vintage tool restorations, historical firearms, ATV's, and woodworking | Retro Gamer, Game completionist | loves @404thexile very much

Love the wives. (Yukari and Eila) Twitter (art and guitar stuff): EilaFan1994

Mar 2021
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