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"I try to be an artist, but a blank is all I draw." -Yours truly Been off social media for awhile due to its censorious and untrustworthy nature. Dipping my toe into what is hopefully a bastion of interactive freedom and rational debate. Musician, poet, bad artist, twice published author, home chef, nature enthusiast, meme lord. If you're a communist, and you come to my page, you're gonna have a bad time.
Bringing back misogyny one logical thought at a time. Free speech. Due process. The presumption of innocence. An open marketplace of ideas. The fundamentals of a free society. I abhor victim culture. I reject the tenants of the all-weeping-vaginas that is feminism. I will fight against Socialism, Marxism, and all post-modernist ideologies. I will do whatever it takes to stop Sharia-creep and the spread of Islam. I would rather be called an anti-muslim bigot than passively and pathetically help perpetuate the terrorism, rape, intolerance and violence inherent in their religion. Also, fuck Trudeau.
Show me what you got, I'll show you what I found. ~~ Lover of beautiful things ~~
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Just having fun with family, friends, traveling, riding bikes, taking pictures, living life... I mainly shoot with a Sony A6000; I also use a GoPro Hero5 for video and a Note 10+ for everything else in between. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jcced_ @SBKMiami Instagram: https://instagram.com/sbkmiami The cover photo is my first long exposure shot, its i75 north bound near Miramar Florida. JC©2020
Jul 2019
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