Steam powered humanoid. Atheist, married, Pirate, Gamer nerd (analog & digital). Proud Kekistani. Shadilay!

Free thinker impressed by Ayn Rand's ideas. I hope to inspire others to benefit from them as much as I have. I intend to offer you better clarity of thought in the areas of: * Ethics * Politics * The whole "SJW" phenomenon * Science * Self development A debate can only truly be won if you promote a positive alternative. ------------------------ Profile pic by "JD Lasica" under CC license: https://flic.kr/p/JgTXRs

King of Sicily Tyrant of Syracuse

*SERVICE TO THE LIGHT* +RAISING CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS+ ~Cryptocurrency Specialist & Vendor~ Cannabis Healer / Entrepreneur Psychedelic Shaman Master Builder Gratitude 144,000 LOVE [SOUL TRAIN CONDUCTOR] Contact me Safely WICKR ID @iamtheweed WIRE @dephanuel Kumara Crystal Tribe: @Tincturetime

Degenerate Artist and Facebook Migrant. This shit doesn't matter though

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At this point I just crush the blackpills to a fine powder and rip lines of truth off my dining room table.

Sep 2016
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