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California Native, Conservative, Latino 4 Trump

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Mr Brophy
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Independent, Philosopher, and Professional Guy on the Couch. I don't like corruption. I'm stupid enough to believe that the strong should protect the weak, that we should aspire to be the shining beacon on the hill they've lied us into believing we were, that most people are good and don't want to hurt or exploit others, even if they just want to be left alone. I believe in the ideals of Free Speech "I do not agree with a single thing you are saying. But I would gladly die for your right to say it."- Voltaire* If we set the precedent that anyone should be denied their right to speak, no matter how reprehensible I may personally find their views, then we create the mechanism for using the same reasoning on ourselves when others find us reprehensible. I believe in government by, for, and of the people; that if we actually controlled it we could and would do amazing things for ourselves and the world(not bombing the fuck out of it for example) I believe the only way we can actually gain control of the government and make it work for our interests rather than against them is with an informed people. This is my attempt to share what I learn with you. Judge and decide on your own what to make of it. If you can spare a buck or two to support independent journalism here's the Patreons of some of the reporters and commentators I commonly share. I know some people have problems with Patreon so you'll have to look up alternative ways to donate if you choose to. Peace Graham Elwood-Political Vigilante-Patreon Jimmy Dore-Jimmy Dore Show-Patreon The Grayzone-Patreon Moderate Rebels-Patreon Jamarl Thomas-Progressive Soapbox-Patreon Empire Files-Patreon Democracy at Work-Economic Update-Patreon You still here? They'll probably be some nerd shit...ok definitely be some nerd shit too. * commonly attributed to Voltaire but scholarly debate seems to be primarily between two women who supposedly attributed it to Voltaire when he hadn't actually said it. It's an interesting story and you should look it up. Still a great quote and this explanation takes way to long.

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