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Coffee, Photos, Music, Vlogging Getting into that YouTube game. Check out my channel. Support really helps right now as I鈥檓 just starting out.

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A streamer on Twitch, Youtube, & DLive. An artist. An animation nerd. Janitor lol. -

We're a Creator's Club for collaboration between people of different talents. Our goal is to bring awesome projects to life! 馃捇 馃帹 馃幀 馃幐 馃摻锔 馃幃 馃幑 馃柤锔

The greek lofi aesthetics community. This project is brought to you by @inhinito

The #Lofi web app (in the making) 馃尭 Chat about LoFi on Telegram @

They can never hide the truth no matter how hard they try. There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again. -Joseph Goebbels, 1945 Suggested Group: ----------------------------- The Philosophy of National Socialism:

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