Spiritual teachings and Christian Affirmations that transform lives.

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Soft Girl for Trump 🇺🇸 Female🦄 Super Bisexual 💚🖤 Loves to learn something new everyday

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Making photos, sometimes... All photos posted here are shot and edited by myself: Mizantroop© ----- --- --- --- ----- And send me all your Bitcoins, here ya go: 3PqGDeesQ5prdkeVubfDMBs67SvSawQoKD Thx! =)

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I’m just a Catholic Christian teen guy who loves life and is overly optimistic. I have been making clean (as always, no swearing or NSFW), sometimes political content on Minds since July 13, 2019. I am also a digital soldier. I have a Mario Kart YouTube channel that I upload to once a year, and I’m on Parler, but I never use it: I don’t post a bunch on Minds, but I do try to be a general optimist and mood raiser on the platform. Never KEEP running into personal temptations. Have a good day and God bless. WIRE SQUADRON Accounts that have wired me (I do not automatically endorse their content, but I am giving credit where it is due. I may remove names at any time if they are a NSFW channel.) lcolias 13 tokens th3way 11 tokens (extra account included) warrior2020 10 tokens @basil3hcm 7.502 tokens @comptonj60 5 tokens MtnManAnon 5 tokens his_bondservant 5 tokens r3k4b 5 tokens ladyred 4 tokens(extra accounts included) @zanbo 4 tokens whats4dinner 4 tokens @godsmiracle 4 tokens @mindsplus 4 tokens @chevybelair001 3 tokens @KyleSislerJATWC 1.337 tokens @omega60 1 token @ladyhug 1 token @BigbyLupo 1 token @Willieleev1971 1 token

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