Mindful Militants is a network of like-minded individuals coming together to help form autonomous small groups (referred to as “cells”) to progress and empower themselves and assert their sovereignty through the practices of education, health, skill sharing and building a community. We are a collective who aim to grow and to offer assistance and mutual support to not only each other but our local communities as well with expanded interests into principles of sovereignty, anarchy, freedom, agorism, spirituality, defence, self-sufficiency, , activism, alternative & off grid living, and more! We are always looking to connect with new people and grow our network and learn/train with others so feel free to get into contact with us today!

Chief Interviewer @ Borderless Crypto Podcast

History 📜 Philosophy 🏛 Wisdom ⚔️ Host of Biocast Biocast - Biography Podcast https://biocaster.podbean.com/ Check out the YouTube channel. https://www.youtube.com/MichaelMacaulay Watch my new documentary, the Life of Edgar Allan Poe. https://amzn.to/33sYbRp BTC address 3CiKxf4xujYoUapsnn16RWkYtAjqYnQG1F

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Black Face Free Past Never #MeToo'd Free Speech Enthusiast Long Walks on the Beach are Overrated Firm Believer in only 2 Genders The NAP (non-aggression policy) is how to live Terrible at Grammar, punctuation, and Spelling Truth is underrated Political Compass is firm in the Libertarian Right compartment but with more Regressive Left stupidity I may be firm in the Pinochet quadrant Proud Foot Soldier - Meme Wars 2015-2016 Taxation is Theft Honk Honkler Did Nothing Wrong Minds Recommended Subscriptions @ottman @mark @Timcast @CryptoTalk @thepholosopher @subverse @Styxhexenhammer @OwenBenjamin @joerogan @TheDailyWire @factusa @greendragon1773 @chesschats @mxspam @Arkos @Elktonky3 @Milica42 @anonofficialdotcom @MOL3CH @KenClark @GaltsGirl @brettagher @PresidentTrump2020

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Derrick Broze
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Freelance Investigative Journalist, Activist, Author, Free Human

Waking the World Question everything Seek the truth Save earth and all her beings

New Zealand Activism Amplification. Currently involved with the Campaign to FREE JULIAN ASSANGE from unfair political bias and tyranny. #FreeAssange Will Boost any positive activism post for Free or the minimum if offered We also love our memes and culture and will remind any such content to support the community Gab.ai:https://gab.com/NZActivismForChange Twitter:https://twitter.com/Activism_NZ

Photography, truth, philosophy, satire, and a bit of music…

Feb 2019
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