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Hey everyone. welcome to the Chanel,let's explore the world and change it to a better place with ( history, facts, photography, motivations, funny and music.)

Salazarr is not my real name... Salazarr is my stage name... Like many actors or show people I assume the name when I am on the stage of poetry... It is a beam for me to channel out my thoughts to an abstract reality in which I write my story, a realm only I live in.

Welcome to my channel were i post motivational contents, Quotes and facts

Hey! welcome to my channel we post diverse contents like Pictures, Quotes, Facts etc.

Let the beauty of the world show through art..

Welcome to my channel,I post diverse contents (photography,fact, health tips,love message,quotes, amazing facts and nature) let's explore the Universe and get the best out of it,to make it a better place

Welcome to my channel, I post diverse contents(photography, quotes, facts, amazing facts, nature, life and history) let's explore the universe and get the best out of it to change the world to a better place!

Oct 2021
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