I'm Anti simp, I enjoy making people laugh, I think that's my thing.. lol, subscribe to my channel, I'll subscribe back, I post offensive memes also, but they are just for laughs, don't wanna get anyone you all #nohomo
I am not a number. I am a free man!
Don't get WOKE, get REAL! America or Bust! There is NO back up plan! Wisdom Prevents Woke! #MAGA #AMERICA1ST #ANTIWOKE #AllLivesMatter OR #NoLivesMatter "But the they call that hate speech." If you still care you need to grow the f**k up! They say #BruceJenner is a woman, gender is fluid, #GretaThunberg is a sage, and #AbeLincoln didn't demonstrate that #BlackLivesMatter. SSSOOOO, with that in mind, who the Hell cares what the #Dems call anything at this point? Now it's the TRUTH vs those who would "control the truth."
The Untold Tale
Former gamer, alcohol and pornography addict to Healer. You can do it to! I can help people of all ages who may be suffering with these perceived “illnesses”.
aircraft structural technician
human resource manager,poet and an artist
6.2 feet tall, chocolate in complextion. Gamer
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Aug 2021
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