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꧁é̸̠l̵̻̋̉i̸͈̜̾̓́͝ͅt̵͔̝͍̻̽́e̸̯̲͍̮̦̊͊͝f̶̨̩̲͔̟̍̊̂͗̚i̵t̷̀̉͂r̴̖̣̩͇̙͌̑̾̉ē̶̢̨̬̩̓̊ȧ̶꧂ |HAUNTING, MEASURED, AND UNFATHOMABLY DARK |ELECTRIC GRUNGE & POST-INDUSTRIAL MUSIC
"Knowledge is power when combined with a vision" August 6th 2018. #Bitcoin
This channel is offline. Cryptic, profound, inspiring and thought-provoking poems mixed with some impressive 3D graphics. Please enjoy the channel and expand your consciousness. KiBLS is poet and multimedia artist from germany. License informations: A complete overview with all poems (also for download) can be found here:
Art, Photography, Poetry, and Nature.
Northern California based musician. Covering the more obscure fringes of electronic music including IDM, Braindance, Acid, and Electro. Albums available now for digital download @ Also check out my Youtube @
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"Science Fiction is what they promised; Cyberpunk is what we got." -Sean Kennedy ART Preparation by Alwyn Talbot -=The Watch List=- The Lawnmower Man Blade Runner Ghost In The Shell Appleseed Akira Max Headroom The Matrix From Beyond Runaway Doctor Who The Terminator Robocop Altered Carbon Æon Flux Hellraiser Chappie Knight Rider Soldier Hackers War Games Tron Sneakers Altered States Hardware Videodrome Heartbeeps Cherry 2000 Trancers Primer Pi Johnny Mnemonic District 9 Mr. Robot Mad Max Robotech The Prisoner & **All** of the Heavy Metal magazines.
Victoria, Australia
Feb 2020
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