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Long Term Investor. Professional Binary Option & CFD Trader/Mentor. I manage investment portfolio for both individuals and companies with more than a decade of experince in stock trading and diverse portfolio management.
Newly graduated NEET. Collecting memes and surveying the political landscape.
19 year old Canadian studying to be a veterinarian- I’m into music, reading, cocktails, and travel. I’ll toss up music videos and comment memes- have a great day :)
Hi, I'm Mako (pronounced Mah-ko). I'm a 24 year-old fiction writer living on the west coast of the USA. In my spare time, I enjoy analyzing film and music, playing games with my friends and traveling. My favorite musical artists are Jukebox the Ghost, Typhoon and Relient K. My favorite films are AVATAR and nearly everything produced by Christopher Nolan. I have been writing Incorruptible since the spring of 2010, with early writing and brainstorming being done by myself and several high-school friends. Many people have since lent their criticism and correction to the work, though it has yet to be professionally edited. The hope is that once Incorruptible is released in full online, the final narrative and any public criticism of it will be consolidated and sent to an editor for publishing. If you wish to contact me, you can do so on Twitter or via email. I hope that you find the story of Incorruptible heartfelt, engaging, exciting and surprising. It draws deeply from my love of science-fiction, but even more so from my love of unique and compelling stories and characters. Those who know me best have told me that they can hear me through the characters I have created and the world I have built, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Until the next time we speak, ​~ Mako
Dr. Wei Jing Loo is a board-certified dermatologist in London, ON. Patients throughout Ontario seek out Dr. Loo's specialized skills, and personalized care. With a passion for art, she likes to reflect that same patience and unique artistry in her treatments. Some of her top offerings include dermal fillers, acne treatments, and skin rejuvenation. For more information, please call or visit her online. DermEffects 1560 Hyde Park Road London, ON N6H 5L5 (519) 472-8686  https://www.dermeffects.ca/about/dr-wei-jing-loo-dermatologist/
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