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MTC Video Promotions was founded for the purpose of producing photos, articles and videos on the subject of the martial arts and featuring those items on it’s website. MTC Video Promotions is not bound by or committed to any other particular organization. Our mission is simply to be a media outlet for all forms, types, and systems of martial arts events and activities.
I am the worlds queerest anarchist and the universes most politically incorrect queer. I self identify as transgender, genderqueer, panarchist, syndicalist, genderfuck, lesbian, post-Marxist, voluntarist, libertarian socialist, Rothbardian, Bookchinite, Guevarist, Dadaist, genderfluid, genderflux, sex-positive feminist, mentally ill, contrarian, Yippie, goth, punk, riot grrrrl, gonzo journalist, provocateur, iconoclast, pill head, gadfly, dabbler, suburban guerilla, anti-imperialist, service dom, mommy dom, brat tamer, Christopagan, pervert, weirdo, lapsed Catholic, dyke, crazy cat lady and enemy of the state, among other things. I hate big business, big government, organized religion, borders, prisons, compulsory schooling and the state. I write for Attack the System, Counterpunch and Rational Review, and I run the most dangerous blog online,
Oct 2019
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