bagel bite yearning, spider fearing female

Used to be on twitter as @/floofyloli || Cute anime girls and animals are always welcome here || I'm ignorant but trying my best, also a lil racist

Rem hater, twitter refugee (@justaweebok)

sweet boy lives on in hearts and minds

Based gamer. Fuck twitter for suspending my frens. Discord| SonicGamer#7131

Twatter refugee, let's rebuild and try to pick up the pieces. I'm Hettane_X on poa.st

---BiAnimegamersexual Female ---Cute And Funny Consumer ---Professional Adult Degenerate I might be dead, playing Garry's Mod or smoking a Marlboro out back

Pulling back the veil, revealing the hidden for all to see. oc路鈥媍ult | \ 蓹-藞k蓹lt , 盲-\ occulted; occulting; occults [transitive verb] : to shut off from view or exposure : cover, eclipse the light of a star that was about to be occulted 鈥 by Uranus itself鈥 Jonathan Eberhart occult [adjective] oc路鈥媍ult | \ 蓹-藞k蓹lt , 盲-; 藞盲-藢k蓹lt 1 : not revealed : secret deep subterranean occult jealousy鈥 J. C. Powys 2 : not easily apprehended or understood : abstruse, mysterious occult matters like nuclear physics, radiation effects and the designing of rockets鈥 Robert Bendiner 3 : hidden from view : concealed occult underground passages 4 : of or relating to the occult 鈥 the occult arts鈥攁strology, palmistry, card reading 鈥︹ Amy Fine Collins occult practices 5 : not manifest or detectable by clinical methods alone occult [noun] \ 蓹-藞k蓹lt , 盲-; 藞盲-藢k蓹lt : matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them conspiracy [noun] con路鈥媠pir路鈥媋路鈥媍y | \ k蓹n-藞spir-蓹-s膿 1 : the act of conspiring together They were accused of conspiracy to commit murder. 2a : an agreement among conspirators uncovered a conspiracy against the government b : a group of conspirators a conspiracy made up of disgruntled aristocrats ------------------------------------------------------------------------- "They listen but do not hear, They look but do not see." "Whenever dharma declines and the purpose of life is forgotten, Krsna manifests himself on earth. he is born in every age to protect the good, to destroy evil, and to reestablish dharma."

Just a political butter who talks about well politics. might make videos and post but yeah ButterTheVirginLord #2612

Mar 2021
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