Archeology N Art

HI , I am Tondra . I like to post about Archaeology and Art.

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I have two daughters, seven grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. My faith is in Jesus who is my savior and in His Father who is my God .The Holy Spirit is my teacher. I trust in no man.

They laid it upon the bed and seated minstrels round it to lead the dirge.

Is it true that if you are not subscribed to my channel and you upvote my post it won't count for me?

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I am poetic

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Crypto enthusiast|content writer.

One Vision, One Purpose. Peace Through Power. Kane Lives! No Politics, only memes and garbageposting. Poyo is like -3 mentally. Sub 4 sub.

Greek guy here living on the island of Crete, trying to stay away from the "matrix" of today's society, if you can call it that. Minding my own business, trying to make a living.

I am because God is 💕 … By the way, I follow back 😎 In the SAME spirit of Transgenderism in the LGBT Community, I identify as a Trans-Vaccinated and Trans-Mask. I may not be biologically/ physically vaccinated, but mentally, I identify as one 😎😎😎 Respect my Trans-Vaxxness you bigot!

Amy Sutphin
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Writer, Author, Self-Publisher. Sometimes I give writing advice. Check out my novellas Twisting Every Way and the sequel Winding Ever Higher.

Steve, Always
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Husband, dad of three, salaryman, needs coffee. Artist, sometimes-gamer, and just whatever. Pay what you want in tokens for ideas you give Commission me for dollars DM me about literally anything. Really! I do art as a hobby and for hire. I do garage game development. I know LOTS of IT development stuff from the last few decades.

Jul 2021
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