I'm just a writer trying to make sense in all this madness we're living in right now.

Author of a book releasing on 1st May 2021. I adore writing, reading, great food, wine, and exploring the great outdoors Gender critical because five year old's shouldn't be referred to the Tavistock Clinic in London to change their Gender in any circumstances. Supporter of LGB Alliance!

Nature Is Your Best Medicine

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retired expat living in Ecuador on the beach. I enjoy sunshine, sportfishing, carpentry and simple life on the beach.

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if you still have the lightbulb as your profile image, I am less likely to subscribe. I'm also wary of people who subscribe to me without ever having even 👎 a post of mine

Retired Law Enforcement 31yrs.. 19yrs Investigations Currently own & Operate Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts Institute in Bridgetown Barbados Caribbean

I write dark comedy & dramedy pilot scripts, with comics in mind for the lead roles

American Media Company - If you fashion yourself as a national socialist, realize this, you are nothing more than a socialist.

I'm Erwin and I'm an author. This is my SFW account where it will be strictly articles about writing, the stories I'm writing, and any art I do. Find me on parler, ruqqus, reddit, and join our discord. Links are in the social links below

Andrew Ampers Taylor (Anglicised name in 1971 but kept Ampers) arrived in England in 1955 as an immigrant with English as 3rd language. Other languages: Afrikaans & Zulu, Zulu now is almost extinct. 101% Brexiteer. Admire + worked with Nigel Farage. Admire Trump. Hate censorship and the extreme right. Dislike the left. Ex CEO, Ex Fellow of the Institute of Directors & Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management. Failed MENSA (only 142 on Cottell). A full member of the forces Union Jack Club, the picture above is our club bar. I am 81 and look after my lovely Engels wife who has suffered chronic anxiety for the last 7 years. Ex military (security) and at home with guns, owned 6 pistols and a rifle before Blair stole them. Still own a powerful crossbow though! @AmpersZA on Telegram M: +44 7941 622401 (prefer txt) E: [email protected] Banned on Twitter (twice-not lefty enough) On Telegram; search @AceLists then: Choose Ace-List - shows the names and descriptions of my five channels, Politics, Medical, Finance, Technology and General, and a channel reserved for chatting. Go to Ace-List for full details - there's only one document there.

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