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Engineer, Artist, Gamer, and possibly the only Model Railroader on Minds so far. Mostly trying to get an art business off the ground for now. I mostly do trains and cityscapes/landscapes right out of the imagination. I have also been known to create PC games occasionally. Any early support is greatly appreciated. Crypto-donations are welcome at the addresses below. Thanks. Website: Bitcoin: 3CSFJkTL1Y4oVeqG3gJpFGtzpgMy624KMX Ethereum: 0xcc6ba3ad02b8e249291b5adf9f392d4bd2e47aaa Litecoin: LV4WPMdic16o47FUu83yefGQY2hJwF1iLY #engineering #art #drawing #trains #gaming

ALL THINGS DIGITAL ART Art Concept Design Illustration Digital Art images posted with consent of the artists Any Tokens wired will go 100% into promoting the art, so feel free to share and boost the art you like

Ian Crossland
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Co-Founder @minds

NASA on Minds fan page.

Aspiring self-taught freelance artist from Montreal - Nature, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Gaming. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Very Generous Contributor: @Aragmar Friendly Contributors: @robertvandusen @TwiinScorpio @JaeNet ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ WEBSITE: STORE: SOCIAL MEDIA:

Juicy Benjamin
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I share books I'm reading, sometimes I have tips for others on Minds, sometimes I'm political and sometimes I'm just trying to be funny. I'm #Mewing and you should too. I listen to what people may call Emo, I call it pop punk. But I have a very broad taste, so I listen to plenty of other genres as well when I feel like it. But lately for the past 2-3 months I've almost exclusively listened to Norwegian Russe Music by TIX

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🚀 On a mission to save the world with engineering and memes🧠 📧[email protected]

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A picture is worth a thousand words (ॐ) Transforming AЯT into R3volution of L*v3 I tһїŋĸ ĩŧş Łð√₤ In case you'd like to support the channel Bitcoin directly 1DiTz96N6H69AWGKcKZ9x7NDQhTz5cQV8o

This is currently not a full time thing, as I'm also a post -graduate student in Chemistry and working another day job. I love what I do and want to change the way people view science. Blog posts are focused on chemistry, since that's my field. however I'll sometimes delve in some basic biology. #science #chemistry Release timezone is GMT+12 (NZT) If you like what I do, consider donating to help a poor post-grad out to pay his bills:- Ko-Fi: SubscribeStar (not set up fully yet):\ Patreon:

Nov 2018
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