TDT Art & More

Engineer, Artist, Gamer, and possibly the only Model Railroader on Minds so far. Mostly trying to get an art business off the ground for now. I mostly do trains and cityscapes/landscapes right out of the imagination. I have also been known to create PC games occasionally. Any early support is greatly appreciated. Crypto-donations are welcome at the addresses below. Thanks. Website: Bitcoin: 3CSFJkTL1Y4oVeqG3gJpFGtzpgMy624KMX Ethereum: 0xcc6ba3ad02b8e249291b5adf9f392d4bd2e47aaa Litecoin: LV4WPMdic16o47FUu83yefGQY2hJwF1iLY #engineering #art #drawing #trains #gaming