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Artist • Painter • Marbling • Mixed media ✨All artworks posted are my original handmade creations.✨ Please message for any commission artwork requests. Please subscribe to my artistic journey & thanks for the support •👁•

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I indulge in the occasional shit post and will happily offend anyone who gives me the shits... I do what i want and say what i wish.... If by chance my posts OFFEND you.... be an adult and MOVE ON or BLOCK me if you think its neccessary... i wont pander to meaningless whinging Come find me on.... gab- Telegram- Twatter- MeWe- Agora- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paypal donations- (much appreciated if you do) Patreon Purchase my pictures: Shutterstock Foap ----------------------------------------------------------------- Crypto donations BTC- 33n7sJw1AbdseuVRTRkgVttWoky7bDiUa2 ETH- 0x012F70DfFCaB724F6C1c936581EDaa1ED6DDAB6a LTC- MCPgM9o8LmRXVd5fqJngyU1KwsYuwDQTjx BCH- qqj6hkawvr470padfhnqqv6zy3myadrmqy8344tcmf --------------------------------------------------------------- Big shout out to those who have wired me tokens: @shannon222 @ghost_of_onyx @SeMaGoD @willieleev1971 @Aragmar @crazytroll @tstjohn @fishman @FretzCapo @ladyhug @songnuocmientay @walrusmallone @BetsieGray @EFEXIST @Turnerb @walrusmallone @Kbug68 @wraphops @odipides @delastman @Darkminaz @Outlines @papaMGTOW @SouthernWind @unit13 @jihadcountermeasures @chesscats @coma5 @RedDragonLS @sweederminds

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Hi, I am a photographer based in London. I like photographing people and getting to know the subjects in front of my lens - available to travel around the world. Get in touch Xin chào mọi người. Mình là Thắng, một người đam mê nhiếp ảnh và thích sưu tầm sách ảnh. Rất vui được làm quen với những người có cùng đam mê và sở thích.. Lets connect and exchange stories #thanglv #thanglvfotos All the pictures are mine - feel free to share them but please credit and share my links. Thank you

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