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Artist, Costume Designer, Puppeteer, Craftivist. All of the above. I work as an independent artist in the community (no strings attached). Support my channel if you like what ya see.

Techie and crypto guy trying to keep the internet free while also learning about blockchain and decentralised internet!

Hallidonto’s work relates to his “Cyborgia Manifesto” his main focus is drawing; The essence of the cyborg became my own. The cyborg image has been an integral part of my childhood. The cold war had just ended – the cultural landscape of the 80's, was very much rooted in the future, the inherent feeling of that time was dystopia from the cartoons/films, I watched as a kid, the advent of console gaming: Nintendo, etc. The image of man was always his metamorphism into the machine, or the machines taking over. I identified with the cyborg image, I wanted to be one. I identified with the concept of such a being and it has informed my work to date. They are infantile and simplistic in their appearance but not in their construction, being drawn in one continuous line. My visual discourse is motivated by transcribing the sociological constructions of our age, the evolution of the flesh its reflection of the coming state of mankind, flesh anxiety, the departure into a new being.

Animism meditator I'm Japanese, a conservative thinker Trump supporters Hobbies: zen Bike cooking Ancient considerations Please register and feel free to message us

Yo, idk how to write these. But I’m a computer engineering student and gamer. I also like anime.

Anime, retro gaming, fitness, casual Yu-Gi-Oh player City pop, future funk, synthwave, plastic soul, regatta de blanc

We can't make everyone happy for the sake of others. Live every moment of your life ☺☺ My shared photos are clicked by me.. Not a professional but sometimes accidentally able to capture properly... Thanks for visiting my profile and supporting me. Stay Safe everyone! #sannamography (sanna'smobilephotography) #Nephophile #villagefarming #villagesites #outdoor #travelling #trekking #quotes #northeastindia #India

Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Jul 2020
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