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Why not take an unorthodox look at our meaningless lives in the hope that we can better ourselves by discarding trivial nonsense? Web Development Anime Memes
human supremacist (unless the emergence of a space-adapted race of humans should be confirmed, in which case - sieg zeon!) I like memes without words. 07 Pizza is literally a perfect food capable of satisfying all diet requirements and meal types. ❤ 🍍+🍕 if you still have the lightbulb as your profile image, I am less likely to subscribe. I'm also wary of people who subscribe to me without ever having even 👎 a post of mine
Welcome To The Mixed Music Channel Here On MINDS, Where You'll Find Some Of The Best Mixed & Mashed Songs Ever Produced.
Crypto Enthusiast / Gamer. Free Speech Advocate. Husband, Father, and a God-fearing Christian. You may see some of my content under my 'gamer name'- Deadly Pryde. TCG collector
Spirituality, Libertarianism. Frens welcome 😊
voices and visions for a better future
Hola I'm Jodi the truth explorer #fightback 🇨🇦 ♡ 🇺🇸 #wwg1wga
Luna Boutiques, a local women’s fashion store, now online, with the latest shapes, styles, sizes and colours so you can feel great about your style.
Hey guys. The name's Damon. A guy from Australia who loves video games, comedy, live action shows and films, music, cartoons, anime and manga. I work at a recycling warehouse, but my dream job was to get into voice acting, however, I never want to end up like most VAs and upcoming ones and I'd rather do my own thing.
Jan 2021
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