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Minix is the most widely used operating system on the planet. Every time you wake up from a sleep Minix loads first and then boots the binary blobs in your brain. In all seriousness though look up Minux, Intel Management Extension, and Binary Blobs. Most every computer on this earth has hardware back doors that are accessible by Intel, AMD, and whoever they give the access too. About me: I am a voluntarist, I believe all human interactions should be voluntary, not just on an individual level but on a state level as well. I am a husband, a father, a brother, an uncle, a lover of; liberty, freedom, philosophy, non aggression principal, universally preferred behavior, privacy, property rights, the US constitution, guns, capitalism, free market, Austrian economics (the only real economics there is) and anarchy. Also I am a proud Jew. I dislike anything that violates the non aggression principal, some of which include: Neo Nazi's, KKK, racists (minorities can be racist too), Islam, the deep state, government, socialism, communism, fascism, national socialism, and even democracy because all forms of government violate the non aggression principal and ALL services provided by the government (including roads and dispute resolution) can be replaced with better service providers from a free market. Keynesian economics because its voodoo economics that benefit politicians by selling the unborn into debt slavery with 30 year bonds and all forms of slavery are violations of the non aggression principal. Censorship in any and all forms, big data spying agencies, google, facebook, apple, etc. Antifa because despite their name they "want to forcibly suppress opposition and criticism" which is the very definition of fascism which is a violation of the non aggression principal. I don't care what a person does with as long as it does not violate the non aggression principal but it does not mean I will champion the cause. If you are good person and don't have a desire to control someone else we probably would get along. As me anything I always enjoy a good conversation or a civilized debate. My influences: Stefan Molyneux, Ludwig Von Mies, Tommy Robinson, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin Luther King, Ron Paul, John Stossle, Nassim Taleb, Saifedean Ammous, Mike Maloney, Robert Kiasoki, Donald Trump, Paul Joseph Watson, Imam Tawhidi, Satoshi Nakamoto, Nick Szabo, Trace Mayer, Tony Robins, Joe Rogan.

WE ARE INNOMINATE, We want Évolution not Révolution.

College Student in Games Development (Graduated). Warhammer enthusiast. Living in the 12th millennia. Centrist

Hello ! Française. Travaille dans la communication. Aime l'art (donc créative, oui, oui). Design, innovation, communication, art. Teste Minds !

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Sep 2013
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