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"A guru is a spiritual vessel with knowledge and wisdom from the darkness to light just like fungi"-
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501c(3) founded on the belief that every community should have access to resources to allow for home cultivation of their own sacred medicines. Creators of the Cosmic Cultivation Course that deepens a cultivators understanding of both Mycology and their role in the community as Medicine carriers and cultivators. Founders of the international Cultivation retreat on Sacred Mycology called Atitlantis. This annual retreat which introduces new and experienced cultivators to ceremony through the context of their cultivation practice and their chosen role in their community. Find out more at
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Genetics is my passion LC/ Plates / Spores and more Mycology / Cannabis I grow it and it grows me IG @top_shelf_spores
Just a Mycologist trying to make his way in this world. I sell all sorts of mycology supplies just ask!
Jun 2021
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