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I am Robert Yeates the founder of Equilibrium Media. I live on the islands of Trinidad and Tobago and started photography when I was 14 taking pictures of birds, hikes, weddings and any event or outing that came up. I have been interested in photography and video since a young age, watching films on television and wondering how they did all the special effects and graphics. After schooling I took the opportunity to work at the local television station to see what I could learn about the industry, this led me to forming this new media company which has opened up many creative opportunities and has helped me explore my passion.
I am a music and sound composer, creator, and educator based in Los Angeles, California.
Terence McKenna Archive Migrating my channel from YouTube and adding art, photos, audio talks and workshops from my collection. Curated by : ◯Ᵽ工△†ǙS
Freelancer fine art artist.
READ THIS BLOG FIRST! They call me a female Ace Ventura. Creator of motion pictures on Youtube. #slovenia 🇸🇮 For business inquiries: [email protected] Patreon: PayPal: All links and IDs are real, but I am NOT the real Barbara4u2c. I'll post all her videos here, and when she decides to grace us with her presence on minds all she has to do is ask nicely. @Darwyn
Awaken mankind's universal consciousness to find equitable solutions for a real, honest, better and prosperous Guild, based on unity and sharing, peace, respect and love, in harmony with nature and our environment to foster the achievement of collective goals leading to an intelligence and higher collective consciousness.
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Working, Sleeping, Photography, Drawing, Beading, Carving, Anime, MUSIC 😍 chilling with my L♡VE.
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Mom, fiancé, teacher, and Trump supporter!
Apr 2018
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