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~Philosophy, psychology and arts~ Venezuelan filmmaker dedicated to explore philosophical issues with great interest on the psychological realm. I oppose postmodernism and all its related ideologies, as well as every thought that brings sickness and chaos to the human mind. ~Pillars of my Thought~ Essentialism Ignosticism Autonomism Proto-shamanism Transhumanism Humanitist Esperantism ~Website~ ************************* I stay in Venezuela despite the social, political & economical catastrophe to take care of my parents. Nevertheless I keep struggling to develop my philosophical, artistic and cultural work in the middle of these difficulties. I thank you deeply for your support, and for every possible donation you may wish to give me. It helps my survival and the fulfilling of all my projects. *** ~Donations and Sponsorship~ Every donation may be sent to any of the crypto and fiat accounts shown here: You may also become my patron here in Minds or in any of the other sponsorship platforms (you can find those accounts of mine also in the aforementioned page of support). I am developing now some exclusive contents to deliver for my patrons. Please, be patient. ***************************** ~Elsewhere on social media~ I nurture my web of contacts at several social media platforms. You can find all my accounts in this page: Questions and proposals may be sent to: [email protected] ********************************* ~TUTMONDA ESPERANTA ĈIFROAKADEMIO~ Group for Esperanto-cryptobloggers. ********************************* #autonomism #esperanto #homaranismo #humanitism #cyberpunk #transhumanism #shamanism #essentialism #ignosticism #oneironautics #psychonautics
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