I like lolis, VTubers, and shitty gacha games (Azur Lane does all three!). I also watch anime and play real games but not very often because I'm usually watching Vtubers.

An Asian boi with bad English Also a weeb/fucked up fetishes are in my blood/pro-fictions Scuffed Vtuber | Debut January 15th #ENVtuber #Vtuber

meme enthusiast, waifu collector and Gamer with hard R.

I am a sickly creature hiding under a massive pile of blankets while being a giant yuri fangirl. I shit post on minds. I stream on twitch: I mod stellaris: I made a board game:

Im just some guy that likes games and anime Currently playing Genshin Impact Im between 10 and 100 years old Professional ass-slapper and shitposter

Hi hi! I'm Mimi Mima Mimuzcha, a 459 year old mage. I was once on twitter before getting struck down.. but now I'm here to have fun with everyone~!

Weeb/Brony/Shrimp/絶対領域 Appreciator/Shark lewd consumer/ すく水 Lover/Flat chest advocate Being alive should be fun. Don't overcomplicate it.

ima post lewds, and dm nudes ima dude

Jan 2021
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