I like lolis, VTubers, and shitty gacha games (Azur Lane does all three!). I also watch anime and play real games but not very often because I'm usually watching Vtubers.

HighResASS is a channel dedicated to providing the best high definition and highest quality pictures of the female derrière. This is an NSFW channel. 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER ONLY ***Minds doesn't support images of the size uploaded here so a link to the full res image is included with every picture.*** No logos, copyrights or watermarks. Images are 3000 x 2000 or larger. Use the included links to view the full size photo. Solo, group and lesbian content is all presented as long as the focus is on the female bottom. Nudity is not required. Please Like and Remind! Thx!

Dr. Terrible Superthrust, The Exiled
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Streaming, YT, Editing, Podcasts || Check me out @ or http://Twitch.TV/Superthrust SW-4734-9911-5500 | All Things #Gengar Here! |

Retired Army Medic, Doc Comeau, and Jack of all Trade Kenny Santos hosting "That's On Point! A long-form, Podcast of in-depth conversations between two crazy personalities on various topics. No subject is too taboo for these two.

Sup this is Echo Jamz I'm a full degenerate/content creator/shitposter, I'm also working hard to become versed in music creation.

I like to joke around and speak my mind.

Please like, share, and subscribe to my channel. Every video I post is my original work. Subscribe to my channel: 👇👇👇

Hey, don't shoot the messenger!!! My job is just translating interesting stuff for you. I hope you enjoy this material. Please visit my Youtube Channel and subscribe :) Calma! Yo solamente soy el mensajero. Mi trabajo es traducir interesantes cosas para ti. Ojala disfrutes de este material.

Discord: ArthurDank#6305 Twitter: @PrinceCaimm Steam/PSN: ArthurDank If your a minor, stay off my page, AO rating overhere Loli/Shota isn't CP, miss me with that BS I will post whatever lewds and porn/hentai I want and say what I want, if thats a problem then you shouldn't stick around, if it isn't then good to meet you

Jan 2021
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