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Devout Catholic. Fire Emblem fan and Ereshkigal/Mashu respecter. Anti-abortion extremist.

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Catholic | Nationalist | Gamer | “This is faith”

Catholic publisher, illustrator, and graphic designer.

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, now living in Wales, UK. Libertarian, Red Pill Masculinity, Dirty Carnivore, Orthodox Christian, Capitalist, Podcaster, Property Investor, Financial Trader and Portfolio Manager. YouTube Gab

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Traditional Catholic, Pennsylvanian, Thomist, distributist, aviator, and tenor. Director of the traditionalist startup, @epta . My main account is now at

Hello, I am Elizabeth. I love to travel around the world and hope it will be fulfilled one day.

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I love God. I love neighbor. Don't subscribe to me. This is not my main account where I post "important" posts. This is an account of sporadic informal stuff.

Nov 2020
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