Artist sharing my work. Mostly pen or graphite. Love to connect and chat with other creative people. Questions and commission enquiries welcome. Enjoy!
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# //////// Since October 2015, I draw from life classical dancers during their lessons on Saturdays. // Lan Prima // contact : [email protected] // boutikkkk : against fascism

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British landscape artist living in New Zealand.

I'm a digital artist originally from Boston, who now lives in Las Vegas. ~WICKED STUDIOZ PORTAL~ 鈾   ~ABOUT ME~ I am NOT a "huge corporation"; I am what's known as an "indie artist"... "Indie" meaning "independent". If I subscribed to you and you're wondering why... I'm building my brand/audience. Most of my products are made in America. I don't believe in out-sourcing, if I don't have to. My products may be more expensive than others, but they are of better quality, and have a better return policy, but most importantly... I support American workers as best as I can. So deal with it. Also, if you are someone who never uses their points, I most certainly will! Wired points donations are always appreciated! ~NOW AVAILABLE~ "Sacred" New Product Line, Same Artist! Geared More Towards The Goth Crowd! ~SACRED PORTAL~ 鈾 Be patient... More "Sacred" Merch To Come! ~ROCK 'N' ROLL~ Welcome To Wicked Studioz! ~Drew Henry, Artist/Owner~ ~E-MAIL~ [email protected]

Artist, Musician, Photographer

Marie Green Art
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I am a willfully happy human living in paradise and wielding my weapons of choice to ensure colour floods my life and your walls. ABN 90 002 219 963

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I am a professional artist who works predominantly in wildlife and pet portraiture. Though most of my work is in pastels I also work in graphite, coloured pencils and acrylics too Links to purchase my art

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I'm a motion designer in Baton Rouge, LA. I love longs walks on the beach, animation and video games.

Adampinson Art
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Maker of things and stuff, an illustrator of whatever. All 2D works made using only colour pencils onto cotton rag: All 3D works made using anything and everything. Art on Minds...

Mar 2018
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