Artist ✛ -wannabe- Comic Creator ✛ Mostly draws original art ✛ Loves Vocaloid and Gintama ✛ Fan of watching anime and reading manga ✛ I am the Frog 🐸 ▪︎°✛ Please do NOT Reprint, Repost, Edit and/or Use my art in any other way (in any other sites-places on or off the internet) without my permission. Do NOT use my art for NFTs and AI 'training' or anything like that.
location_oninto your imagination
Blogger/Reviewer A fan of comics, movies, and all forms of stories and fiction.
PSVR2 games and accessory reviews! Contact me if you are a developer wanting to have your product reviewed!
Aspiring Artist
I’m crazydiamond. a artist from Brooklyn. Japanese manga is my main inspiration.
Hey there! I draw sketches and illustrations. Hololive dweller, anime, manga, Buns, and spicy culture Connoisseur. Spicy art on Pixiv 🔞 🔞 - safe art - Artstation Twatter: Fediverse (Should Minds go anti anime): Poast : Pawoo: #art #sketch #anime #drawing #manga #pinups
Artist/Writer for #Mythoverse Comics. Other upcoming projects I’m attached to are Miss Espionage, Ms. Spectacle, Riven and Paradigm Yume. This channel will contain NSFW content, so be warned.
I draw for fun but........ I'm a slimy knight of lusades holding the line of freedom!!!!!!! I'll fight against spammers,destroy triggered people and above all fight censorship with all the slimy hands I got. fighting against censorship is worth fighting for!!!!!!
A secret place to share your craft, home of the Evening Static. Welcome to the Art Parlor, virtual speakeasy. Password? #SpeakeasySpell. I'll keep a lantern lit for you.
- 26 years old - avid book reader - avid collector - wannabe writer - drinks rum, whiskey and Dr. Pepper - loves rock and heavy metal music - fan of science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres
3D Artist | German weirdo | fun things are fun You can find my stuff on artstation:
I am Rosi! And I share my drawings as a hobby
into your imagination
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