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Aspiring horror creator. I wish you all peace and happiness.

Artist ✛ -wannabe- Comic Creator ✛ Mostly draws original art ✛ Loves Vocaloid and Gintama ✛ Fan of watching anime and reading manga ✛ I am the Frog 🐸 ▪︎°✛ Please do NOT Reprint, Repost, Edit and/or Use my art in any other way (in any other sites-places on or off the internet) without my permission. Do NOT use my art for NFTs and AI 'training' or anything like that.

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AMATEUR CARD COLLECTOR SUBSCRIBE and get updates daily. LIKE and REMIND others. Having fun going through a collection of baseball cards. Post your own and let's bring some baseball to minds. Post everything baseball, from your favorite team to merchandise. I will be posting baseball cards for now. Let's PLAY BALL!!! I will be releasing a picture of three cards a day. During Phase One of this endeavour. When I have complete Scheduling 365 days of 3 cards a day I will add more stuff . Share with me your thoughts. I would love to see your card collections as well. Posting schedule: 9 am – Personal Card Collection 12 pm – Personal Card Collection 3pm – Historical Cards 6 pm – Personal Card Collection 8 pm – COMICS IN COLLECTION I am going through each card in my collection once there may be repeats cards but this is not not intentional and due to time. #baseball #sports #cards OTHER COOL!!! CHANNELS: COMICS: @rabidrook @icollectalot NHL CARDS: @shaunscollectibles Referral link for Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/accounts/referral/standard_collector_125/ YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE LINK BELOW: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ijz2DQRN_FP-Oc3E-A4jQ?sub_confirmation=1

Journal, Comics, Vinyl, Random Instant photos and reminds that I think are cool.

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Love creator-owned comics, story-driven RPGs, tabletop gaming, Euro boardgames, world-building, and narrative pattern analysis. Creator of RAVEN NEVERMORE.

Volim druženje, prirodu, šetnje i jela.

Volim da šetam, prirodu, a još više poljoprivredu.

I'm an award-winning independent graphic novelist from the UK who looks after wild foxes.

Being the master of your time means getting more done, staying energized, and doing more things you enjoy.

Aug 2019
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