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Welcome to Body, Mind and Soul Channel! On this space, you’ll get helpful tips and motivation to help you build a consistent practice. I don’t want to crowd your feed too much, so we’ll post an update every other day. Your first challenge, if you choose to accept it, pick any 5-minute meditation, and just do it. Then, give yourself a high five. Finally, have fun, be kind to yourself and just stay open to whatever comes up. Warmly, Mind, Body & Soul

Ah yes, the about me section, this causes you to take a deep breath & lean back to ponder. Who am I? What am I "about?" Should I relay my personal politics here? My religious beliefs? Music interests? Movie interests? Or any other characteristics that may add up to a whopping 5% of who I actually am? Am I really gonna get deep & personal here so my personality can be data mined, analyzed, compared to other profiles, used to create & manipulate psychological trends, consumer related trends, fashion trends, or political trends? Thank God I filled out the about me section! I almost missed my chance to be a specimen for the elitist knobs that are studying everything I do, from how I vote, to what I eat, or what I wipe my bum with! So they can better advertise to me, prey upon my impulses, & figure out what it will take to keep me believing, buying, & supporting their death culture!!! Uhh, maybe I just think to much!?

A Warrior For The Prince Of Peace

Book & Movie Reviews & Recommendations

Awakened Conservative Patriot Open PGP Fingerprint: 2C22 DADD F73F 9861 A809 10CB 87E5 07F2 3A9B 6FB9

Wannabe hard enduro rider and hack mechanic.

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Oct 2021
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