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Paleolibertarian Canadian that lives in its capital. I am bilingual French/English. I enjoy non-mainstream music, beer, weed, psychedelics, and grilled cheeses.. I'm a psychonaut and microdosing expert that loves nature, freedom, and liberty. Well-versed in programming/coding and AI/Machine Learning. I also make way too much music that nobody cares about.
Content Creator/Youtuber/Digital Influencer Welcome to LucasDioneyTV - Follow my journey with creative videos about music,gaming,dancing,challenges and much more. Please Comment,Like,Share and Subscribe for more. English/Portuguese
Canadian Conservative Blogging, for a group of individuals that want freedom and liberty for all. FREE SPEECH LOW TAXES LOW IMMIGRATION
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I was born an asshole but I'm a dick by choice.
Stop Burning Down America
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Jun 2019
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