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I am a Music Composer, Producer, Poet, & Vegan Anarchist. Audio Projects: Liberation Frequencies - My producer project creating impactful music for artists, media, & content creators Inherent Liberation - My personal voice encompassing experimental industrial with soundscape, crushing beats, & hybrid sounds, dark art, & poetry Also subscribe to my channel dedicated my posting of uncensored memes, knowledge, & wisdom which I find valuable @ShaonSattva
Three interelated, & somewhat overlapping topics. A cubed = "agora, anarchy, action!" Voluntary association As with voluntaryists, agorists typically oppose electoral voting and political reform and instead they stress the importance of alternative strategies outside political systems to achieve a free society.
*** WE WELCOME EVERYONE FROM THE HEAVILY CENSORED "DIED SUDDENLY NEWS" GROUPS ON MAIN STREAM SOCIAL MEDIA. MAY THIS MINDS GROUP BE USED BY YOU AS A SAFE HAVEN. A play on words parody of Doctors Without Borders, this group is for posting videos from doctors, microbiologists, first responders and other qualified main stream medical folks, who are being censored by the main stream media and main stream social media, for speaking the truth about COVID-19. Related topics also welcomed. Off-topic posts are NOT welcomed. If you want to duplicate this group on other platforms, no permission needed. Use the images, do as you wish. This group is for: -Medical / Science experts posting their own content -People sharing censored content from medical / science experts -Examples of bureaucratic interference within medicine -Main stream media hysteria endangering public safety -Anything closely related to the before mentioned #covid #scamdemic #tyranny #agenda21 #genocide
Minds Official Gifs Group - All Welcome - 😀 GIF = GRAPHICS INTERCHANGE FORMAT. A group for sharing unique gifs; invite like minded users. Easily create gifs via links @ Video to Gif converter @ Lunapic editor @ Resize animated gifs @ Zoetropic app @ VIMAGE app @ (APK downloads can be found if you do not wish to use google play store) PLEASE ensure your posts contain a TITLE and these TAGS below as this indexes your files on a database and increases visibility. #OfficialGifs #Minds #Gifs #Art (PLEASE post directly to the group otherwise exterior news feed page links will be deleted) Whenever possible please credit original artists if you share material that you have not created yourself. Easy access to editor apps and tools in the beginning of the conversations section. Please add any editor tools/apps you use. Remember you can always use my website link at the top for finding apps/tools. (This will give new members a starting point if they have no knowledge of gifs and wish to make their own). MODERATOR DUTIES = Common Sense - Remove spam/static images etc... OFFICIAL GIFS ANIMATION DESIGNERS = @ChrisMadzier @Darkinmyeyes @miad33s @Rushofwaves GROUP MODERATORS = @ChrisDoogood @NigelDownUnder @RedDragonLS HAVE FUN!!! JOIN MINDS OFFICIAL GIFS TODAY!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ Many thanks and best wishes from Official Gifs 🙂
We Are Anonymous, We Are Legion, Exspect Us ! We Share Anonymous News, From ALL Around The World !
Welcome to Meme Supreme!! We're here to blow Sunshine up Your Ass 'til you Puke Rainbows! The rules are simple: Post Funny Memes. Minds TOS are in effect and enforced. Extraordinary Abuse of Power: No Infographics, Robo-Ho's, or Threats! Healthy debate is boolshit, but werdz iz werdz, so solve your problems with insults and mockery! If you don't like something, too bad! Ignore it and move on. If it got past the Algorithms and the Admins, it's Lawful Free Speech! If you're the lucky one or two people that get to see banned content BEFORE it gets Reported/Deleted/Banned/Raided, then do us all a favour and bring it to our attention, and you'll see we act swiftly to maintain our integrity and good standing. Have fun and play nice out there!!!! Or be a Dick, and enjoy having your Ego, Identity, and Self-Perception Grievously Molested. Absolutely zero blocking of Owners or admins. Owners: @AdamBaums @myincal Doorman: @jhafarI Admins: Invisible Ninjas #memes #funny #InvisibleFfckingNinjaz Group founded 10/18/2018
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