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British landscape artist living in New Zealand.
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Artist sharing my work. Mostly pen or graphite. Love to connect and chat with other creative people. Questions and commission enquiries welcome. Enjoy!

Pointing out the unseen in great works of art. Clambering out of the river Lethe. Artist, painter, draughtsman; people, portraits, African and other animals.

Christopher Vidal is an artist and tutor living in Sydney, Australia. As an artist he expresses himself in his paintings, especially by painting landscapes. My Story Born in Malta and migrated to Australia in 2009, currently living in Sydney. My love for arts started from when I was very young. For two years I attended The School of Arts at Palazzo de La Salle in Valletta, Malta. After finishing my academic studies I worked as a medical researcher in Malta and Australia. However my innate love for painting remained in me and I used to experiment with various media and techniques, while developing my style. More then ten years ago I started painting in oils and I fell in love with this versatile and dynamic medium. Moving to Australia and traveling around this beautiful country gave me more inspiration and motivated me to start painting more regularly. Since 2012, I've been painting almost every day and exhibiting my work in various art shows in Sydney and surroundings. Artist Statement The creative process starts with a spark of inspiration about a subject which could be a physical object or else driven by an emotional feeling. My love for the environment and nature through what I see around, inspires me. Trees, mountains and light especially the warm afternoon lights and sunsets are among the most inspiring. The same applies for the sounds of the wind on the oceans and singing birds as well as by the continuous changing in light and weather. My current work mostly consists of Australian landscapes in oils and acrylics. As a style I tend to shift more towards realism however I love to include an element of impressionism in my work. The common perception is that science and art are so different, however from my experience I found out that in reality they have a lot in common. Both share the basic steps of first getting inspired, making a creative plan and finally executing it. For myself painting landscapes bridged my love for science and arts. I find peace in my inner self while immersing myself in the painting process. It is the same kind of feeling I get when I will be visiting remote places and I immerse myself in nature. With my artwork I want to give a message that life in beautiful and we should appreciate every moment. Every second that passes should be precious as we cannot get it back. Unfortunately there is a lot of negativity around us being mostly spread through the media. However in reality a lot more positive things happen in everyday life. People living in cities are so detached from the natural environment and are too busy with everyday life that unfortunately leaves no time for them to think about a deeper meaning of life. I wish that through my artwork people find the opportunity to stop and think while appreciating nature through art. See less

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Cheers, I'm a tech enthusiast, failed artist, a starting musician, general skeptic, connoisseur of many trades, an occasional hacker, etc. 🤔 I do/can accept PayPal donations for my "work", if you wish to donate some amount. Private message me & we'll sort out the details. Thanks ! 😊 BitCoin Address: 3C19HgNP4ADvySv4Q9hred8JuTS8tyDddK Etherum (ERC-20 Token) OnChain Receiver Address: 0x826d6c24761ef8cac76e909f8a5fa3ee27cafc6d All of my posts organized (archived) under my very own created categories: (currently a work in progress)

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WeAreChange is a nonpartisan, independent media organization comprised of individuals and groups working to expose corruption worldwide.

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Husband, Father of 3 Boys, and shepherd to a million animals. Heathen-adjacent Rabbi with Islamo-Christian values who supports his family as a comedian/farmer/nation builder/wizard slayer

A platform not only for liberty and truth world wide, but a platform for individual independent journalists that care about the message of liberty throughout the world. WAM was born as Winnipeg Alternative Media in March 2013. For years, WAM had put out hard hitting reports and truly conquered politics in Canada, changing awareness, especially in central Canada. In September, 2015, Josh Sigurdson created World Alternative Media. We've done dozens of confrontational pieces including Bilderberg members such as Conrad Black and David Frum, politicians like Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Bernie Sanders, Premier Greg Selinger, dozens of other politicians around the circular spectrum of collectivism. We hold politicians accountable at our own risk and provide the information Mainstream Media doesn't. We do regular video reports on the latest breaking news as well as news you've probably never heard elsewhere. We are nomadic, so we release interesting videos from all over the world. We've covered stories on the ground in the middle east, west Africa, Europe and North America. We've released several big documentaries and interview renowned experts and personalities. We're journalism by the people for the people.

New Zealand
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Mar 2018
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