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Game development enthusiast Fields of interest: 3ds Max Corona Renderer Unity Unreal Engine 4 Substance Painter Low poly modelling Photography I will mostly upload my 3d models and some guides and inform you on my progress. Also I will upload various nature photos. Eventually I will be posting some articles on game engines and coding

Monsters! Spaceships! Dragons! Covering the latest news in scifi, fantasy, and horror.

Gamer, Centrist, tired of all the Twitter Purists and their shit.

Regular guy, family, fun, CrossFit, kids and a little radio bit I do as myself. Trying to figure it all out as I go..

✧ SAMANTHA LYNN ✧ vaccine risk awareness medical freedom advocate low toxin living nutrition & wellness . This page is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice. Please seek the care of a qualified physician.

Sporking News Podcast defending our favorite fantasy, scifi, movies, TV, ETC from SJWs everywhere! and follow the link below to subscribe and become a member!!

Fitness, photography, Paintings, Dreadlocks

Reflexive Contrarian | Truth Seeker Medical Freedom Advocate Vaccine Risk Awareness Blog: Very, Very, Quite Contrary 🎧 iTunes: Google Play:

Feb 2019
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