Robert Carl Birtch
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Birth date: 5.11.91 Race: White Gender: Male Orientation: Straight Status: Taken Likes: Craft beer, Libertarian Party, Money, Capitalism, Cigars, Rock and Metal, PC Gaming, 

Self taught artist. Mom of 1 amazing child! From Seattle, WA 馃尣馃挅 Trying to follow my dreams. People can be anything they want if they work hard enough. Help me prove that to my daughter! Follow me on InstaGram: @_sophiawolf1715 Add me on SnapChat: @Shewolfninja91 Email me at: [email protected] for commissions or art trades 馃槣馃拲 Buy me a coffee at: for 3$ get a thank you gift from me. 10$ digitally draw your name 15$ for hand drawn head shot 25$ for digital head shot You may now donate to my bitcoin if you support me as an artist. 1GNQSAU99WbQc1muoCL2ep64YSWQ2dXVJH

In'Shadilay, my brothers, sisters, and attack helicopter-kin! May Pepe help reveal to you the spark of Kek that lies within you, as it lies within us all! (except Bill Nye - that guy has no Kek in him whatsoever. Seriously, I can't stress this enough - Bill Nye has NO Kek. He is . . . the ANTI-PEPE!) I am the Charge D'Affaires here - I have to do my own social media, as we are a bit short on personnel at the moment. Aside from my official duties to improve the world by speaking the unspeakable, and otherwise trolling normies, my personal interests are gaming, science, and financial market psychology. My pet peeve is science fraud. "Free Speech Absolutist - At Best!" ". . . can't be more than 14 years old" "YOU'RE AMERICAN?! NO WAY!!" 'REWARDS' There can be no more Rewards, as Minds has reset my available Wallet total to 0. Apologies to any who would have otherwise expected wires from me.

Posting X rated content for your pleasure.

provocative content. All content here including all images are copyright protected 漏锔 We are a group who enjoys a woman鈥檚 body and a quality beer. We like good whiskey and fine cigars. We are blue collar sort of salt of the earth types. We like muscle cars and fast cars. Big diesel pick-ups and cool guns. We do what we want. If you like what you see, like it, up vote it, comment and let us know. This page is his and he is Eannatum 饞倣饞拡攫拋 Sumerian king of Lagash and God king of CocksmanTools.

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Welcome to the official Minds channel

My name is Rafaela Perroni and I'm from Brasil.

Sitting still, enjoying the calm. In doing so life comes to you.

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American Kulak. Not gonna go gently into that good night. Retired commercial fisherman, USN Sailor, proofreader/editor, subterranean bivalve mollusk excavator, and custom gunsmith. I can cook, build a timber framed structure by hand from standing trees without power, catch or kill most anything we need for protein, grow my own vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. I've fought, fucked, surfed, sailed and drank my way around the world. A couple of times. Been on nearly every continent, many countries, most oceans, seas and gulfs. Now I take care of the farm. I am a peaceful man and do not believe that we should trespass on each other's rights. If someone does then they need to be punished for their trespass, legally, financially or militarily. ATTENTION Flat Earthers: Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. The spheroid shape of the earth has been proven by science and mathematics. Before you continue to subscribe and get blocked, please acquaint yourself and then disprove the mathematical formulas at the following link that are used to navigate the GLOBE every day: If you can disprove that (and you cannot) then send me a sub. Until then just leave me alone. My back hurts, and I don't have patience for trifling motherfuckers.

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Jul 2017
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