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It's about the Here and the Now!!! diAS is my name and the title of my #clothing #brand. It is focused on making you #comfortable on to the #road to find your #authentic #self and your #unique #style of living. CHECK MY LINKS: https://hyperfollow.com/synthbackandrelax

Stars of Creation are Sacred Geometric Symbols of Light that connect this earth to higher dimensions of phenomenal wonders. Support the ascension of our planet with these stickable Icons. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1748698840/connecting-with-the-stars-of-creation

Housemaid and the Fear was born out of the Monday after and the Wednesday just before. When everything is at its most grey and the only thing one can do to escape the blare of thinking is to clean the house. The housemaid hurrying about tidying, followed always by The Fear. • Enquires about our releases, mixes, mixtapes, gigs, live performances here or to our name all one word at gmail dot com. • We miss things. Please send us any sounds music you think we missed, should hear or want in live rotation. All genres - thank you. 320, WAV, AIFF or FLAC quality only thanks. Based in Helsinki, Housemaid and The Fear are patched over from: Ireland, Finland and New things coming. NOTE: Nothing is shared ironically. Unless clearly and explicitly stated. If it's here we genuinely like it. Accompanying text may have nothing to do with the music, contain traces of satire, peanuts, surrealism, cobalt 60 and various heavy metals. No need to message and check - keep doing whatever it is you're doing. It's great.

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